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Rice Crispy

Rice Crispy means the product obtained by extruding a mixture of Rice Flour, Milk Powder, sugar, salt, & drying.
It shall be in the form of Oval / Round in Shape of uniform size and off White in color.
We process round and oval shaped extruded Rice Crispy for just about any type of product. Round shape with different size Like 3 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm And 12 mm.

We are also processing Rice Crispy as per customized requirement for the confectionery product by confectionery manufacturers for eg: rice crispy with cocoa powder, chocolated rice crispy etc…..

Advantages of Rice Crispy:

  • Provides Crunch to the Product.

  • Provides Volume to the product.

  • Helps in cost cutting.

Application of Rice Crispy:

  • Chocolates

  • Choco Balls

  • Nutritional Bars

  • Crispy Bars

  • Bakery Items

  • Choco Candies

  • Cereal Bar


  • 20 Kgs Corrugated Box
    (Commercial Pack)