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Instant Oats

We supply an exclusive & qualitative range of Australian natural White Oats, oats flakes, oats flour, that is rich in soluble dietary fiber. From all the natural cereal grains, oats have the richest protein quantity. These White Oats can give high energy levels, at the start of the day. Furthermore, the high amount of soluble fibers present in these oats, is helpful in boosting the glucose and lipid metabolism. In addition to this, our oats have digestive carbohydrate and fiber with varied physiological properties. Our product also has ample amount of fat, which has the desired proportion of polyunsaturated to saturated fat.


  • Lowers cholesterol level

  • Battles diabetes

  • Smoothens the skin

  • Combats cancer

  • Prevents constipation

  • Reduces risk of stroke

Available Packing:

  • 25Kgs PP BAG
    (Commercial Pack)